Recover from hard crash on MBP?

My intel 2019 MBP 16in just crashed. I cannot get it to start from the power button. I was running my iPad using Sidecar and mirroring a projector. I had a few windows on the iPad and a few on the mac.

I will follow up with Apple support ASAP. Any recommendations in the meantime?


Ugh. Sorry to hear this.

There are some obscure things to try in the article linked below, most notably:

Reset the SMC with T2 Chip

In 2018, Apple integrated the SMC and T2 chip. So, the instructions are slightly different on newer Macbook Pros. Here’s what to do:

Ensure your Macbook is powered down completely. (that is, by holding the power button for at least 10 seconds, then releasing.)
Press the Control, Option, and Shift keys for seven seconds.
While holding the existing three keys, hold the Power key too. Hold for 7 seconds and release the keys.
Now, click the Power key again to turn on your Macbook.



It seems that my battery went empty while I was working. I suspect that it was because I was using a magnetic to USB adaptor for the charger. I plugged in my iPad to the adjacent USB port. I may have displaced the charger sufficiently to keep the light glowing but actually not charge the MBP.

I plugged in to a charger and, after some of the options in the link from @JohnAtl, I got a low battery indication on my monitor. After a bit longer, the MBP restarted directly to the end screen that I had when it shut down.

So, not only recovered, but nothing lost. I would say I turned a few more hairs gray but … there are none left to turn.

Thanks again.



I use Marcel Bresink’s Battery Monitor app to read out battery levels as they fall. I do it to help me keep my battery charge in its sweet spot, but it also keeps me from ever completely draining it. :slightly_smiling_face: