Redeeming free Apple TV+ Trial

I have just upgraded my iPhone 12 to an iPhone 15. I am happy with it.

I went to redeem the Apple TV+ free 3 months trial but it is not available as an option. I discussed with customer service and they pointed me to the terms and conditions which state if you have ever redeemed this offer before you are not eligible…

I dont think my memory is incorrect but I am sure I have redeemed this offer before several times when I have bought an apple product. Has something changed.

You make so much money Apple…penny pinching over this stuff is disappointing


The latest guesstimate of iPhones sold in the US that I’ve seen is 73 million. If 33% of those are upgrades that’s (if I counted the zeros correctly) $2.9 Billion in potential AppleTV+ income.

That’s a lot of pennies for a company that hasn’t upped the amount of free iCloud storage they offer in 12 years. One reason for this may be:

This has always been the case, the only loophole is that different people in a family could redeem it at different times.

I recently bought a Mac mini and was not able to redeem too. Sigh.

I’ve had the same issue.
I’m not particularly bothered if they only let me redeem it once but they need to work on the UI.

For ages after buying a new MacBook, I would see a box on the screen when using my Apple TV. This box would announce that I recently bought a new device and to click it in order to redeem my 3 months of Apple TV+.

When I did select the option, it would tell me I wasn’t eligible as I’d already had the 3 months free for a previous purchase.

I don’t know why but I was able to redeem the 3 months free trial on the same Mac I tried 20 days ago. Shrug!

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