Reduce active area of trackpad on 15" Touch Bar MacBook Pro?


Anyone know of a way to reduce the active area of the trackpad?
I’ve tried looking around in BetterTouchTool but haven’t so far found anything.

I’m getting fairly tired of the huge trackpad on my 2017 15" MBP. I mean typing on this and going back and forth between the keys and the trackpad seems like a bit too much. So much so that I’m considering downgrading to either a 13" model, or the 2015 Retina MBP with the smaller trackpad. I’ve usually had the hardest time dealing with smaller screens vs bigger screens, and I’ve never met a laptop that has performed better than I wanted it to; but with this MacBook model, I’m more and more finding the ‘context-switching’ between the trackpad and the keys, coupled with the weird non-responsive feeling of the trackpad at times, bugs me the most. Ergonomically its a nuisance.

Any thougths?

Just a thought but did you play with the tracking speed? You’ll have to move your finger way less the higher you set it. Same thing with the mouse.

Yeah I’ve tried that. It’s great for that purpose, less for accuracy. Especially with my cold hands:(

I guess to elaborate, I really being able to rest a finger between the trackpad and keyboard and below the trackpad. the thumb recognition is pretty good for “below” trackpad but above is still an issue, same for the width