Reeder 4 has arrived


The Mac version has also been released but I don’t have my mac with me.


Bought the Mac version as a result of trying it out during Beta phase. On iOS, I’m still sticking with Unread.

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I used unread for a little while waiting for reeder 4 to arrive, but it was an automatic switch back. The interface on reeder is much, much better in my opinion.


In which way is this version an improvement over the last version? Does anyone know?


It feels like the same app. I would say, from a user perspective, nothing earth shattering. After months had passed and there was no update for the 2018 iPads I’d switched to Newsify which works great. I went ahead and bought Reeder 4 just in case I want to switch back. But really, the new features are not anything I’ll use. A built-in iCloud-based Read it Later service, images in the article previews, support for “Bionic Reading” (which I just tried and will pass on). I’m sure there are other things but I’ve seen those mentioned. Another thing I saw mentioned is that both the iOS version and Mac version were rebuilt and now share the same code base so might see more updates in the future as it will be easier. No doubt it’s a great app but mostly it seems unchanged in recent years.

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After playing around with other RSS readers (Fiery Feeds, Inoreader, etc) I’ll always come back to Reeder 3. So obviously I was really curious about Reeder 4.

I haven’t bought it yet - I guess I’ll do it very soon - but a bit disappointed for not hearing (or reading) anyone mentioning anything great in this new version. I was hopping for filters by keywords and other ways of managing the feeds that come in (I know I could do that in fiedly but I was hoping to have it all within one app)…

Anyway, want to read some more reviews before jumping in…


Insta buy for me. I’ve tried all the other RSS readers. None of them compare. I truly love the Bionic Reading mode is amazing. Silvio said the code base is now the same on Mac and iOS so easier to maintain and update.


I don’t understand this at all. I find it very distracting as I can’t read fast. Am I suppose to read slowly?


From what I gather it’s not for speed it’s for understanding and retention of what you just read.

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It’s my understanding they didn’t reach out to anyone in the tech press about this really - I knew the beta was around but couldn’t get onto the iOS one, and from the one person I know on the beta they didn’t get told it was being released. I suspect that’s why you haven’t seen anything!


Hmmm…that would explain it :grinning: however my point was that even on the App’s description there isn’t any feature that wow’d me.

Anyway, just bought the app, time to explore it!!


I use both ReadKit and Reeder 3. Readkit can be automated with AppleScript, which is quite handy.


It looks like a polished an refined version of reeder 3, imo, but I’m a pretty basic rss user, so I didn’t felt any lack of features.
I tried almost every rss reader out there and always got back to reeder (probably one of the “oldest” iOS apps I use), so I bought this version mainly as a support for the developer.
And it looks really nice.

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Still my favorite RSS Reader. No earth-shattering new features. Bought it in a second, though, to support the developers.


Yeah the Unread reading experience is still better, but I think with a few tweaks to the font size and line height Reeder is close enough.


Two things I don’t like about Reeder 4 that have me sticking with version 3:

  1. Feed titles in ALL CAPS.
  2. No “Save to Pinboard” option for slide left/right actions.

You can change it in the settings.

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Feed titles, not article titles. That setting doesn’t affect feed titles.

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Now that’s attention to details :grimacing: :wink:
Didn’t notice that one, I guess because I never choose the articles from that list…


Having used Reeder since the days of the iPhone 4, I thought version 4 would be an insta-buy. Unfortunately, version 4 made no mention of the fact that the slide gestures to send directly to a service like Pocket were removed. I’ve always used Reeder mainly for quickly triaging my RSS feeds, so losing that feature is a huge step backward IMO.

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