Reeder 5 feeds not showing up on all devices

I’m testing the Reeder 5 feed option. I imported a bunch of feeds into the Mac version of Reeder 5 under the iCloud option on Big Sur. They are all working. However, on iPadOS or iOS, I don’t get any of these feeds.
Does Reeder 5 allow for sync’ing of feeds between macOS and iOS, and if so, how does that need to be set up?

Have you set your feeds to icloud on the iPad/iPhone as well?
(And are they logged in to the same icloud account)


I have all my feeds in there, refreshed on the mac because that is always on
The iPad and iPhone sync via icloud and have "don’t fetch " enabled. (Saves bandwidth)

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Yes, I’m using iCloud feeds on the Mac, iPad and iPhone. All share the same iCloud account (other items, such as reminders, sync without issues). And I use macOS as my “Master”, so I have “Don’t fetch” enabled on iPad and iPhone…

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That is very strange, have you contacted the Reeder dev?

Reeder has stopped syncing on my devices too, again using iCloud Sync – though I am on the iOS15 beta (3).

I’ve been having sync troubles all week on iPad and iPhone. Thought I’d done something wrong (which is still possible). :wink:

Coming back to this discussion from last year…I’m experimenting with Reeder 5 and iCloud Feeds now that I have to plan for a post-FeedWrangler future!

I’m still a bit confused by this whole “don’t fetch on this device” option with iCloud. I want to check my feeds on 3 devices during the day: iPad, iPhone and Mac. Right now–the first couple of hours I’ve tried it–syncing seems extraordinarily slow.

A couple of questions:

  1. Should I be only fetching data on 1 of my devices?

  2. If I set “don’t fetch” on my iPhone and iPad (and leave it off, meaning I do fetch, on my Mac), will I be able to read/sync feeds on my iPhone and iPad?

It’s working fine for me on all the devices and I’m ignoring the setting (leaving it off).


Thanks for the reply–interesting. I ended up, just to experiment, turning off the fetching on iOS devices and keeping it on on my Mac. Things seem quick and fine…so maybe this is all I needed!

Yes, 1 device is enough (I use my iMac for that)

My other devices sync through iCloud, so they do not need to “Fetch” which saves bandwidth

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