Reflections on the new Mac Power Users forum

Like many others have done, I’d also like to thank @MacSparky as well as @katiefloyd and of course @RosemaryOrchard for the new MPU forum - it’s great :slightly_smiling_face:

I wanted to try out the forums, though, before giving my thanks - in case I had some “hmm”'s and “ha”'s.

Well, now I’ve been using the forum for a couple of days, and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised in several ways.
My problem pre-MPU forum was that I’d actually like to interact with the rest of the listeners of (IMHO) the best Apple-related tech show out there, but - like a lot of listeners - found the Facebook group too hard to search, or generally participate in.
So I rarely interacted with the group.

But now with the new forum, after a couple of days of use, I find myself getting drawn to the forum several times a day - not only for posting new topics (some of them lacking tech content, like this one :laughing:), but also for the sheer “what if I miss out on something cool” nagging feeling :laughing:

Plus I think that - maybe it’s just me, but - it seems like there’s a lot more tech support as well as knowledge, and experience sharing between listeners after the new forum has gone live.
A good example of this is the Beta topics - I’m loving that listeners now share our :+1: and :-1: regarding soft- and hardware, or that some just hang out and post their Battle Stations (as I saw a listener call his office setup :grinning:)

I’ve always been more of a forum kind of guy, than a FB user kind of guy, so based on the past couple of days I’ll probably lose a lot of spare time in here, from now on :smile:

Anyway, just my 2 cents - have a good one everybody :grinning:


I would like to thank @joebuhlig too. Great forum. And I love markdown.


I knew I would not be the only one! :wink:


I knew I would not be the only one! :wink:

I’ve never gotten around to learn Markdown - but are finally learning (in baby steps, of course :smile:)

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There’s a book for that. grin.

But honestly, there isn’t much to it. I’ll put together a cheat sheet for the announcements category with everything you’ll need.


There is!?! :sweat_smile:
I’ll have to get right on it, 'cause after having learned a few basics I’m hooked :grin:

Looking forward to getting my hands on the cheat sheet. Honestly, how I’ve managed without Markdown is a mystery to me :laughing:

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I’m enjoying it…very glad that Rosemary turned 2FA authentication on and, pleasantly surprised that the Discourse iOS app supported it as well.

While the FB group had search, I’m anticipating that search here will be more robust and effective.

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This is just so much better-organized and easier to follow/participate in than Facebook ever could be. Very much appreciated!