Remote Login with blank Monitor?

I Startes Unsinn Screen Sharing to connect remotely to my Mac at work. This works, but, as I am sharing the office with a co worker, it is annoying that the screen turns on when connecting. In addition, it also has privacy and confidentiality implications.

My question: is there a way to remotely connect to an iMac without the monitor switching on and essentially also being logged in locally?



Screens by Edovia has a feature called Curtain Mode.
This presents a black screen with a lock, when you are
connected remotely

Screens Curtain Mode


Thanks - that one sounds promising - it connects and is, if anything, faster than the official Screen Sharing app. But I haven’t been able to check if it blacks out the screen, as I am not in the office…

lol, well I wasn’t trying to steer you wrong. :slight_smile:

Be sure though to set your Sharing to Remote
Management, as it says in the documentation,