Remote removal of passcode, but how does device know?

Just bought an iPad that still has passcode. Per Apple’s instructions former owner remotely removed this iPad from his account.

However, I’m still being prompted for a passcode.

But how would this iPad know it has been removed from that account since it doesn’t have an internet connection yet (and can’t communicate with Apple’s servers)?

The setup process requires connecting a device to WiFi, so any remote termination of activation lock ought to ensue when the device pings Apple’s servers for setup.

Apple also has something called “offline finding” which uses cellular data (assuming your device has cellular connectivity, of course) and when it’s activated on a device it will try to regularly ping Apple’s servers. I assume that remote wipe and remotely turning off Activation Lock could with this for devices that are not connected to WiFi but I’m not positive.

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Thank you.

FWIW, even when plugging directly into ethernet, the passcode still presents itself.

(I was hoping being directly plugged into internet would allow communication with Apple servers in the absence of (unathenticated) wifi or cellular data.)

Are you prompted during OS reinstall?
I think you will need to link your iPad to a Mac and do a full reinstall, the password should not reappear then.

Thank you. I was going to do that, but then the seller provided me with the passcode.

After entering the passcode, I was able to completely reset everything. Looks like I’ll be able to set the iPad now as normal.