Remote Star Wars RPG

This one’s kinda for @MacSparky unless there’s other folks on here that are super nerdy and Star Wars fans.

I’ve been playing the Star Wars RPG for years. It’s one of my favourites. I’d love to hear a little about how your virtual gaming group works out!

I actually play by FaceTime since moving away from my group. With Group FaceTime you could do entirely remote gaming groups now.

Remote RPG play… Fantasy Grounds?

I haven’t used Fantasy Grounds. SWRPG has a third party character creation tool which is pretty good, and you can use for rolling the weird dice it uses.

I use Fantasy Grounds for face-to-face play (automates some aspects of the game, and keeps some stuff organized, e.g., party loot), but FG’s claim to fame is remote play, e.g., for gaming groups which have split up geographically but want to keep playing. Also great for pickup games. So, that’s why I mention it. I think it has SWRPG ruleset since I believe one of the principals likes Star Wars (but am not sure).

I am super-interested in getting back into RPG but hesitant to commit. Things have been pretty nutty for me with the family and various enterprises as of late.

Like any hobby it’s a little time consuming. Luckily you can limit it’s impact to a few hours a week. But yeah, it has to be important enough to dedicate a few hours a week to.

Still, it’s important to give yourself a few hours a week to dedicate to something done purely for the fun of it. Maybe this is a really good option. You have control over the time it needs and the format. It’s also a great social activity.

@Wolfie True. and I’m putting together a team. :slight_smile:

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We (well, perhaps just me) totally want updates :grin:

Maybe it’s not a show topic unless you make interesting use of your tech :laughing: