Renaming .mp3 .aac Song filenames


I have a bunch of MP3’s /. AAC’s that have unsatisfactory file names that I would like to update.

I know that I can manually rename each of the file names in the finder, however I’m wondering if there is a better way.

I thought in previous versions of iTunes there was a setting that if you updated the title in iTunes/ Music then there was a way that it could automatically rename the file name in the background.

I do not seem to see this feature anymore.

I am wondering if there is an app that can help with this MP3 file renaming issue?

Any help would be appreciated – Dave

update - I found this - seems ok - open to other suggestions

Use Mp3tag to rename the files based on tags?


This is exactly what I do. Metadatics is another tag editor that will rename files based on tags if Mp3tag doesn’t appeal.

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I’ve used both Tag Editor and Tag Editor Lite, but prefer Mp3tag and Metadatics.

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Thanks folks for the suggestions.

Kid3 (free) and rename based on the tags.

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