Renouncing my song ownership

I once bought a U2 album by accident, and try as may, I can’t get it off my phone, 3 phones later. I just deleted all my Songs on my iPhone, and have nothing in my new Music app, and still it’s returned. Just as John Lennon returned his MBE, how can renounce my ownership or whatever I need to do to get this darn music off my phone? Thanks, Andrew

Does this page help?

"Imagine there’s no Bono
It’s easy if you try…"

But seriously, can’t you just selectively sync what tracks you want on your phone? Instead of choosing the “Entire library” option, instead sync “Selected tracks only” (or whatever the exact wording is).

This has always worked for me in the past. A good way to keep the wife and kids questionable tracks in our main library off my phone.


Did you check the auto download settings in the music preferences?
I’ve got it set to off, as well as the sync library setting

Was it the Songs of Innocence album Apple gave everyone back in 2014? If it is, I think this article shares how to remove it. Apple had to create a special page for people to remove it from their libraries. Since the story here is from iMore, I believe this is the correct path to remove it completely. I ended up keeping it, but it doesn’t appear in playlists often these days…:slight_smile:

This is EXACTLY it! Now I know how it got there in the first place. Thanks so much, Andrew

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