Replace iPad or its Battery?

Also, in my experience, an iPad of any vintage with a garbage battery is worth relatively little. If it’s being passed on to a spouse / child, or sold face-to-face, the battery would be a good investment as it addresses a primary failure point.

Services like Gazelle or whatever won’t care, but a private party will.


Funnily enough after the advice I gave you, I went and purchased a current M2 iPad Pro 11” to replace my 2018 iPad Pro. lol

I am getting tired of the app and safari tab reloads. The way I use my iPad, I don’t think I’ll need the next version. Of course, if it’s a revolutionary upgrade, I can always offload the one I just bought since resale will still be decent.

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I plan to replace my iPad battery tomorrow. I’ll update the iPad if the new versions are compelling and the repurpose my current one with the new battery.

What problems were you having with the app and tab reloads?

I’ve just been noticing more and more Safari tabs rarely pop back where I left them and (anecdotally) seem to reload almost every time I go back to the tab. I’ve also noticed some apps seem to be reloading themselves and not keeping their place as much.

So I’m hoping this new iPad reduces a lot of those issues. And with the rumors of the 2023/2024 iPad, I’m not sure I need to wait for that anyway. I saved some money through an Apple discount program and by staying in the same size I have now, meaning no new keyboard, which is nice.

And for me, there’s always resale if the 2023/2024 iPad is compelling.

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