Replace MacBook Pro Screen Glass?

I’m interested in any suggestions and insights regarding the process to replace a glass screen on an MBP late 2013 model. The screens cost around $20. I see YouTube videos that show the replacement process ranging from tedious to tedious + painful. I am reasonably tech-savvy, somewhat undaunted by the tedium required, and perhaps even clever enough to come up with some improvements to the process (e.g. mini suction cups come to mind to pull off the screen). Apple service would replace the entire screen at $600+.

The background is this: The screen glass is dinged all over from continual hard contact with the keys as the clamshell was closed. I will be in the market to buy a new MBP toward the middle of the coming year. I am considering to donate the one I have now with a return of an investment of sweat-equity – I’d teach my 14yr old grandson how to replace the computer screen. The MBP I have has been updated with a 1TB Fledging RAM and 16GB memory, so it is still a worthy workhorse for a few more years.


Looks pretty straightforward from iFixit

(Sorry for odd image from iFixit link
No idea what caused that)

Thank you. I have also seen a different demo that was painful to watch. The person could have done just as well to be showing a demo of how to take a chisel to the screen. And then, he had the nerve to peel back the protective plastic cover on the new screen and place the new screen aside while still mucking about with the chips and bits on the old screen. Ugh!

The one good advice was to do well to remove the old glue from the MBP cover before re-gluing the new glass in place.


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Ahh brilliant. Thank you

You’ll definitely want to use heat to remove the screen. Say, if you thought you were going to repair the hinges, you might just test it out and think you’re making progress without it, then the screen might break. cough hypothetically, of course.

Ouch! (hypothetically, of course)


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Well, further research has taught me that I cannot replace the glass on a 2013 model with a Retina display.

Bummer. :slightly_frowning_face: