Replacement for Interact Scratchpad?

I recently had to purchase a new 2018 MBP because my 2017 MBP’s keyboard took a poop and was having memory issues. They wanted me to send it back for 3 weeks and give them the admin password… I cannot be 3 weeks without my laptop, at any rate, I was setting up the new one and tried to grab ‘Interact Scratchpad’ and it says no longer available. I used that so much, is there something similar to that?


Do you have a backup you can restore from?

If you bought it from the Mac App Store you should be able to re-download it even if it is no longer available, although I’ve had problems do so with apps in the past. If you bought from the MAS and cannot re-download, contact Apple.

Otherwise, if you paid for the app through Agile Tortoise, just email or tweet at Greg and I bet he’ll send you a download link.

You might want to give Cardhop, by @Flexibits makers of Fantastical, a look. You can check it out at

CardHop is definitely the app that you want if you’re looking for a replacement, but definitely check your Purchased tab if you bought through the Mac App Store.

Or, if you use mas, (also available through brew) then try:

mas install 1199660222

I recently switched from Interact Scatchpad to Cardhop. Cardhop is a million times better.

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Agreed. It’s not cheap ($20?), but it’s an excellent app that I have not regretted purchasing at all.

I was able to get it off of the other MBP. Thanks everyone.

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How about a good replacement for Interact on iOS? I used the scratchpad a lot to save contacts. How are you’ll saving contacts on iOS?

I don’t save lots of new contacts these days. If I have to do it on iOS I’m usually on the go and use my iPhone., and either enter data manually, into Contacts, or with a business card scanner. (I have a couple and never finalized on one as being substantially better than the other.)