Replacement for LiquidText-Like snipping option

I´m looking for an app, I could use for easy annotation of my PDF´s.
I use DevonThink, where I store all my PDF, and I was trying Highlights and LiquidText, together with some more, to do my annotations, and then store the PDF back in DT.
While I run a couple of day already over the issue, that Highlights has trouble with some of my PDF´s to recognise, and then mark, the text of the PDF (scanned with ScanSnap, OCR within DT3), while the same PDF worked fine within DT3, and LT, I had today a PDF where also LT has issues marking the text.
I think that also the OCR-Layer is some kind of an issue here, while, for the time being, DT3 worked with all PDF very well.
So I thing I will use DT3 for the future Highlighting and Annotations.
One big issue arises with that:
I fall in love with the easy way I could circle and snip text within LT, to use those snippets as a picture in other apps, like Ulysses and Pages, to illustrate my documents I wrote.
Of course I could do screenshots, but while on the iPad, I could only make a screenshot of the whole page, not of only a paragraph or so.

So my big question, are there any apps, which I could use to easily produce some kind of “snippet” from a PDF shown in DTTG or DT3, to use it like a picture later in Ulysses or Pages, or maybe even in Obsidian (I know, the bad word…)?

This made me curious. I thought PDF Viewer could do it, but no.

PDF Expert can, but only by copying a “screenshot” of the document and then pasting that image back into the document.

This may be how Highlights achieves it as well. Nonetheless, Highlights seems to be the only Apple ecosystem app I know of that can snip images from a PDF and save it as an annotation—all while keeping the annotations with the PDF.