Replacement to team view

I have been using Team Viewer (free version) to help my 92-year-old dad when he gets into trouble with his iMac 21. For last several weeks, I have been getting a message from Team Viewer saying can’t be used commercially and shuts me down.

I welcome any guidance on help to see and take over his screen. I know about Log Me In, that is $350 a year. Are there any other positive alternatives other than visiting my father more often in person? Thanks in advance


Screens and the free companion app, Screens Connect might be the easiest solution for you - it works very well for me with my parents (I already had Screens, so just installed Connect on their machines).

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RealVNC is free, or $40/yr if you need file transfer functionality.
I think Messages lets you share a screen too, IIRC.

I wish I could say Back to my Mac was an option but it’s going away. I may have to switch to Screens or Team Viewer shortly. I’ve been using Resilio Sync to move file around between computers that aren’t on the same network. If you wanted to get fancy you could always use ssh.

If you haven’t already, I recommend getting in touch with TeamViewer Support. It’s still free for non-commercial use.

Screens is another good option. I find it’s not quite as fast and reliable as TeamViewer, but it’s still very good and has a slick UI.

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thank you All for your comments.

Tim I am still waiting for response from Team View.

Rosemary, do I buy Screens 4 on my Machine and where do I get Connect for my Dad’s machine

Screens Connect is free on the Edovia site. If you have SetApp you already own Screens, otherwise you can purchase it from Edovia too.

I’ve been getting that message too. I rarely use TeamViewer, and it’s always to the same computer my mother have.

Screens seem fine, but does anyone have a good alternative for remote controlling Windows computers? :slight_smile:

Screens works fine on Windows too, though I tend to use Microsoft Remote Desktop for my needs.

Mac-to-Mac is easiest and free using the Messages application on both ends.

I use Jump Desktop/Connect on Mac, PC Win XP, 7 and 10, and iPad. I find it better than Team Viewer as it ‘always’ connects and it pretty much means I don’t need a laptop with me on vacation. I use Dropbox for file transfers.

It’s not free for the viewing computer/iPad, but the connect app (on the to be viewed computer) is.

I switched from Teamviewer over to AnyDesk this year. It is not quite as slick as TV but is only 79.00/ yr. I can also vouch for the latency of Anydesk. A majority of the computers I support are on oil rigs in the middle of nowhere. I have been able to get work done over some pretty sketchy connections.

Are you using TV version 13? After upgrading from v12 I had the feeling that it is more restricted than previous versions. After switching back to the last v12 I could work as before on all my supported machines.

Find v12 here: TV previous versions