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Am I missing something silly on the options or is it really hard to tell what is being referred to when there is a reply to a post?

Is there a way to get an easy reference to the original post someone is replying to? (You can press the arrow in the top right but you end up bouncing up and down the thread).

You can answer either to the thread, which is the general reply arrow, or to a person in particular, which I’m currently doing (to you).
To find to whom (and what message) somebody is answering to, click the small mention at the top of the post, it will unfold that post.

(Unless you’re using Fig on iOS which is not great at this)

I’m using the web version on my iPhone. I find the little mention (the curly arrow) takes me to the original post, but that means the whole page scrolls up and I lose my place.

I thought it used to display a “jump back” link at the bottom of the view when you clicked on a reply that scrolled you up more than a couple posts. It isn’t doing that for me now. Definitely disorienting. I can only suggest to open a new tab and do the jump back there.

I suspect the Discourse developers imagine directly-reply-without-quoting to be for when you want to notify someone of your reply but write a post that makes sense on its own. If so, they’re probably resistant to adding more context cues to that scenario. That said, anyone can report a bug or request a feature on their support forum with a good chance of getting a reply. Categories - Discourse Meta

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