Reply all recipients To vs. CC

Does anyone know a way to make on macOS keep the same recipients in the To/CC lines when replying all instead of moving everyone except the sender to the CC line?

I have never found a setting to do this. I simply copy/paste a new set of addressees relevant to the subject of the new email.

I always try to limit the “TO” list to the limited necessary people who must know, or are involved in an action defined in the new mail. CC’s are for info and I go with the understanding that they may or may not pay attention to the email. That’s ok by me. I put them on “TO” if I expect something.

I also try to snip out all but the last email on a reply. Can always use Mail’s tools to see past emails.

“Reply All” with many trailing re-forwarded email content is bad form, in my opinion. But I know that’s not how done in the world now. Should, though, IMHO.