Reputable sites for preowned apple products?

Hi all I’m in the market possibly for an M1 Mac mini but want to see if I can spend less than $700. Anyone know of any reputable sites that sell preowned?

I would go to OWC / MacSales but M1 Mac minis seem to be holding onto their value. They haven’t been out very long. You’re a couple hundred low.

EDIT: I was able to get a well-spec’d Intel Mac mini that runs macOS Monterey for $319.

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What is your RAM and SSD requirement?

I used Gazelle, but looks like they only sell MacBooks.

It’s $700 on the apple website directly which is where I got that price

I don’t need a lot of SSD as I can do external but RAM I need a fair bit. I’m looking to run a game I play on it and different programs at the same time. I’m currently using a 2016 MacBook Pro hooked up to external monitor. It works but does lag and get hot so I just need something that runs a lot better than what I have

A Mac with 8GB memory and 256GB storage is of no use to me. You left out all requirements except price from your initial post.

Costco sells new ones (M1/8/256) for $670 but sometimes with additional discounts. Currently out of stock. I know you wanted preowned but I thought it was worth mentioning. :grinning:


You could keep an eye on Apple’s refurbished site.

Perhaps setting up a visual ping to alert you to changes.


Thanks for the resources! I’ll keep an eye out

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