Reset Mac Mini Refresh Rate?

I recently purchased a 165Hz display from MSI. It’s used between three PC’s, with the Mac being on HDMI.

I changed the refresh rate on the settings of the Mac Mini to 165Hz, as it gave me the option. However, the screen went blank and stayed blank, not resetting like I would normally expect if the screen failed to display. Now, the Mac Mini (M1 verson) is refusing to display on the screen at all. I’ve tried plugging the HDMI cable in to a USB C adapter that works with my iPad Pro but that doesn’t work.

At the minute, I can’t try on another monitor until the weekend, but is there any way of resetting settings without having the screen visible?

Ended up booting to recovery (holding the power button for 10 seconds, rather than Command + R for the new Apple Silicon Macs) and nuked it and started again. I hadn’t really set anything up so it’s not a huge loss but a pain and waste of time!

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