✅ RESOLVED PopClips Reminders Extension not working on Monterey

The Reminders extension for PopClip is not working on Monterey (M1 MBP). Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I have reported this to the developer.

Reminders in PopClip on macOS 13 is working fine over here.

Pilotmoon’s website seems to be having issues this evening (26 November PM)

Thanks. This is probably a dumb question but … does the website have to be functional correctly for the PopClip extensions to work properly?

No, sorry, the extensions do not access the PilotMoon website. I’d note, however, that you need to have at least PopCip v2020.12 installed for the extension to work. The current release is 2021.11. Access to the website is needed to get the right releases of the extensions.

Edit: just did several tests, and again confirm the extension is working. Why don’t you uninstall the Reminders extension and reinstall it anew by downloading it from the website? Also, Popclip saves extensions to the default list in Reminders. Look there.

@anon41602260 thank you for the suggestions, you are always helpful to me and to all on this forum.

I did everything you suggested. Unfortunately, the Reminders extension is not working. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled from the website and I’m running the latest version. Every PopClip extension works except the Reminders extension. When I invoke the Reminders extension a little “x” appears. I’ve also checked the default list and nothing. I’m baffled.

Where does the “x” appear?

Sorry, and maybe it’s an M1 thing, but the extension really does work.

The first time one uses the Reminders extension with PopClip, macOS should have asked if you want to allow PopClip to control Reminders. If so, then these are the settings you should see in System Prefeferences > Security & Privacy

Well as usual, you came through again! I did not get the prompt to allow PoPClip to control Reminders (of this I’m certain) so I was getting this:

After reading your latest response I went in and checked my privacy settings. PopClip had proper access except for automation. Once I selected PopClip in Automation, it started working.

Thanks a million! Because your expertise far exceeds mine I’ll probably never be able to assist you, nevertheless, I owe you one! :+1:t3: