Resolving to not switch apps

I don’t switch apps unless forced these days, and I haven’t changed anything since this thread was first started.

I switched from Aperture to Lightroom after Aperture was cancelled. I switched from Microsoft Money to Quicken when Money was cancelled. I will switch away from (one-time purchased) TextExpander to one of several substitutes when it stops working. See the theme?


How do you handle TaskPaper syncing between iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

I don’t sync. I use the TaskPaper app on my Mac and throw selected items into the Apple Reminders app when I leave the house. I bring the unfinished Reminders back into TaskPaper when I get home. I avoid “clouds” as much as I possibly can. :slightly_smiling_face:

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While the interface isn’t perfect, it is good enough and I’ve resolved to stick with Reminders. I try to have only 3 or 4 tasks ‘active’ at any time, which is widely recommended and I find helpful, so I have a process, helped by Reminders being readily automate-able using shortcuts. It relies on me using the date field as the date I’ll start working on something, not the deadline. I add the deadline date to the title of the reminder so I’m constantly reminded of it.

  1. Each morning at 3am a shortcut runs to flag anything that is due <= today

  2. In the morning I review the flagged items and unflag all but 3 or 4 items. The remaining flagged items become my working list.

  3. In the event of me completing all the tasks I can run the shortcut (1.) again to sweep back in all due/overdue tasks to the flagged list. I then repeat 2. (Or I might just pick a task to work on!)

  4. Late evening a shortcut automatically unflags any completed items.

Once a week I run through outstanding tasks and date them if I plan to do them that week or amend their dates as necessary.


I don’t have the skills needed to create a shortcut like that, though I should learn at some point. :grinning:

My “solution” to the start/when date is the flag. I set a due date for when a task/project is due. During my weekly review, I flag items that I need to start working on, e.g., a significant presentation. As of this post I have 4 tagged tasks, which means I’m actively working on them but some are not due until August. Because they are significant presentations, or serial presentations, I’ll spend the next few months working on them.

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