Restore window after zoom?

I might be missing something (quite possibly) but is there anyway to restore a window after ‘zoom’?

As discussed on connected this week if you double click the app title bar or hold down opt and click the green traffic light it fills the screen without going full screen. (called zoom)

How do I restore it to its previous size? In windows double clicking the title bar does exactly that.
macOS doesn’t seem to have the ability to do it.

Anyone help? TIA :slight_smile:

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In every app I just tried it in—Safari, Mail, Notes, BBEdit, NetNewsWire, Finder—double-clicking the title bar or option-clicking the green button in a zoomed window reverses whatever zooming was done by the previous double-click or option-click. This is the way I remembered it.

I’m running Big Sur. If you’re running Monterey, this may be a bug.

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I’m running Monterey and the second option-click returns to previous size.


Hmm, thanks :slight_smile:
So seems something must be interfering then as it doesn’t do it for me in any app.

Figured it out - seems ActiveDock is getting in the way.
Will raise a bug report.