Restrict Arq backup to not go over Comcast data cap

Ok so I got a notification about exceeding my data cap via Comcast. Thought we had more then the 1TB allotted but I guess not. I decided in August to backup my data to Arq and had to restart it at least once.

I’m wanting to keep my amount I backup each month to 500 GB. I know I can restrict the network usage using Arq according to this article as well as creating a budget as detailed by this Not quire sure which one to go off of and how to figure out enacting a limit.

I suppose I could shorten the window of backup to 2-4 hours instead of 8-10. Any help/support in the matter would be awesome. I already have physical backups, this is to cover my butt further.

If you have an apple developer account there is a developer utility that lets you limit the upload speed of the machine.

It’s called Network Link Conditioner, might be worth looking into.

I have zero experience with US ISP’s but maybe think about switching to an unlimited plan, it’s a nice feeling to not have the mental load of a cap.

Agreed though I’d rather not subject my parents to upgrading right now. I think I’ll just schedule when I backup for a limited window and that would be sufficient

What’s weird is Arq didn’t backup lazy night…strange… I gotta see why

So the backup didn’t go last night even though it was scheduled, any thoughts @Ben_Lincoln or @nlippman?

Never mind emailed support instead