Resurrecting Apple iSight camera

I have an old 23" Apple Cinema Display connected to a 2012 Mac Mini on my desk at work. The ACDs do not have a camera, and back in the day I used them with the silver barreled iSight camera (Firewire 400 to Firewire 400 port on the ACD). I’ve never been concerned about not having a camera on the system until recently, with all the zoom meetings we are now doing.

I thought I could just plug in the iSight to the ACD and it would work, but sadly the mini thinks there is no camera connected :frowning:

Has anyone had any success with using an old iSight camera?

I think the iSight camera was no longer supported back when Yosemite came out…

Oh. Shame, its a beautifully overengineered piece of kit :cry:

Maybe a VM running Mavericks might make it work?

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I believe Zoom doesn’t support Mavericks… this is turning into a Catch-22 scenario for Coulmac.

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