Rethinking Photo Organization

Horses for courses for sure! Often enough I find myself using Lightroom, DXO Photolab, and one of the Topaz products in various combinations on the same image just to get the results I want.

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Houdah Software has a new Apple Photos organizer out for Mac. I have not tried it, but it does look interesting and I would be interested to hear impressions. I tried to use HoudahGeo at one point, but found the interface confusing. This looks a lot better.

Anyone tried it?

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Yeah, I agree on that score. It wasn’t hard to do things. It was hard to figure out how to do things. It felt like it was back to front. Like if you had to drag a folder onto a file to put the file in the folder.

I will certainly check it out, but I don’t expect it to eclipse Lightroom for photo organisation for me. I live in hope that something some day will, though!

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There are a few DXO apps. Which do you use? I just looked in the App Store and at least one app is 50% off

I just use ProRaw but I haven’t used it enough to really give an opinion on it.

I am tempted by Photolab 6 (a Lightroom type program) that isn’t subscription based, but they do a new version quite often, so I read that to keep it updated you spend about the same as you would on Lightroom.

I wouldn’t buy their stuff on the App Store. 1) App Store makes it difficult to do upgrade pricing 2) they run sales on their site fairly often.

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You can get trials, so give them a go. Personally, I really didn’t get on with the PhotoLab 6 way of doing things, which I just got muddled up with tags and stuff.
I use PureRaw to get the sensational RAW processing, and handle photo filing manually, and in Photos for easy access.

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This is marketed as a companion app to Apple’s Photo’s app so not stand-alone.

I said that in my post didn’t I? Sorry if there was confusion on that.

Yes you did! Sorry! I should actually read other people’s posts before I post.

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