Return to Apple Notes from Evernote

After driving Evernote for about a year I’ve returned to Notes, the native Mac app.

I use a notes app for quick takedowns, normally. Sometimes I’ll add pics and pdfs, and sometimes.

But that’s about it. My workflow and style doesn’t require the sophistication that many folks need.

Admittedly, I got caught in a trap of demanding too much from such an app. In the end, I need a slick, easy quick to use app for documenting phone calls, meeting, and ideas, with the ability to augment with pics, and a few importables, but nothing more.

I rarely use the folder function. I can scroll and search to easily get what I need.


I liked it at first but after some use I didn’t see the benefits over Notes. The constant upgrades were annoying and the lack of export support was … baffling.

But the killer is cloud dependency.

In the end, NOTES is plenty for me. I do my best to stay native when I can.

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Isn’t the lack of export support a bigger issue with Apple Notes?

I am content with Notes myself, after having tried many alternatives (including Evernote). But moving away from Notes requires a cut/paste approach (or perhaps install DEVONthink for a convoluted approach).

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Notes exports to pdf, and the share services in Notes is very handy. share’s that I use are in RTF. I send to Devonthink, mail, iMessages, etc., all the time.

far as I know, Evernote only exports to .enex or html, and I use neither. some might find it handy, but even if so, the process is several clicks too many for me.

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