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Currently I use Fantastical on all of my devices and I love it. The problem is that I don’t love paying for it. The $200 I get a month for my allowance has been stretched to the max and I’m trying to find ways to reduce my subscriptions. Returning to Calendar would be one possibility. It seems like Apple has added almost all of the features that I use in Fantastical. However, it seems to me that Apple doesn’t handle Travel Time in the most useful way, namely to block off additional time on my calendar so that the drive time is seen as busy if someone tries to schedule an appointment with me through Calendly. I know that Calendar sends a notification for Travel Time if you have that feature on, but, for me, this additional blocking off time is essential to my workflow.

If I could get Calendar to do this one thing then I could switch to it from Fantastical. Does anyone here know if there is a way to make this happen or no?

Edit: Also it seems that you can’t duplicate events from Read Only shared calendars to one’s own calendar. This would be an even bigger problem for me switching back to Calendars.

You can copy/paste, however.

But not onto the same day, which is the feature that I need since the r/o calendars don’t register as “busy” so those items on those calendars that I am responsible for I need to be able to duplicate as something on my personal calendar but as busy instead of free. So, the copy/paste feature isn’t a solution for my use case.

Some email providers offer the option of adding travel time to your calendar. I recently learned this is available from Google, and Microsoft is adding the feature. Depending on your provider this might be available to you.

Yes, one of the items in a calendar item is called Travel Time. If you set a starting location it will calculate the travel time and block it off. Or you can manually set a certain amount of travel time. I use it all the time.

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I was able to copy a read-only entry and paste it as a different calendar entry on a free block of time on the same day and then drag it to wherever… including the same time spot as the original read-only entry.

I am not trying to sell this as a solution… certainly not as convenient as “duplicate”. Maybe it is a work around??

Good luck.

I knew it was there somewhere, I just couldn’t see how to edit that section with an appointment made by Calendly. I just figured it out. Thank you for prompting me to search harder for the proper interface.

This might be a sufficient work around since I can do everything else now with Calendars that I do with Fantastical. Thank you.

One more bit of help. One of the features that I used a lot on Fantastical is the ability to mark an event as either busy or free. Is there a way to do this on Calendars? I can’t seem to find this field when creating an event.

I don’t know when it happened but this feature seems to have been removed from both the Mac and iCloud Calendar. It is still available on IOS.

Strange. I wonder if anyone knows more about this particular feature.