Reward card apps

I’ve been using CardStar to track all my member reward cards for those companies that can’t link to Apple Wallet. It feels dated and I’m getting more cards not in its database which just uses a generic default picture that can be confusing. I fumble around until I can find the right one. Not life threatening but annoying for sure. I would think that you could take a pic of the front and use that to ID the card quickly. The one nice thing is that I am not bombarded with ads but I might have paid for that.

What are you guys using to keep your reward cards in one place?

Stocard has been working fine for me


I use Stocard to get them into Apple Wallet wherever possible, and AwardWallet to track what’s on them - the latter is popular with frequent travellers as it lets you know when you’re close to going up a mileage class :slight_smile:

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I use Stocard - but not sure I understand the “use Stocard to get them into Apple Wallet”. Could you explain?

Stocard has Apple wallet integration, most cards can be added with it :slight_smile:


+1 on Stocard. 35 cards currently stored.

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That’s a feature I like in stocard!!