RIP Butterfly Keyboard

Well, with the new MBP that’s all of the current MacBook’s with the new Magic Keyboard - which I hear is excellent and has no major complaints. But is anybody else kinda gonna miss how fast they could type and that crisp click from the Butterfly Keyboard? I know it was inevitably flawed but the idea and vision was so appealing to me.

And on a side note, anybody seen MacRumors reaction? It’s like watching a kid at a supermarket who was mid-tantrum 30 seconds ago now acting nice because its parents relented and bought it the damn candy! - They’re trying to imply other flaws now, naturally!


Not me! When I tried one out I found myself making constant errors, so it forced me to type extra slow. In fact I kept my old 2011 MacBook Pro until the 16" came out just to avoid the butterfly keyboard.
Sadly, I don’t like the new “magic” scissors keys as much as the old ones, and that includes the latest desktop keyboards. I think I’ve got one of every keyboard Apple has sold in the past 15 years.

Same here! I loved that keyboard. It was the best I ever had regarding feeling. Of course, my space bar began to fail after two years and I’m honestly relieved to see it disappear but - I wish it would have worked. I loved it when it did.

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I can remember the first 2010 MacBook Airs at the Apple Store feeling so thin on the keys compared to the MBP, then the Retina’s in 2012 being so thin. Then the 2015 MacBook was nearly 2D!!!

I’m one of the few who liked some versions fo the butterfly keyboard. I liked it a lot on my 2015 12" MacBook (no problems); I liked the version on my 2017 MBP considerably less (and it did have a problem with the 6 key); and I like the one on my 2019 Air most of all (no problems yet). Typing required almost no effort, something that I found enjoyable. (I’m also one of those people who seems to have few strong feelings about keyboards and can type equally poorly on most anything.)

All of that being said, I really quite like the Magic Keyboard on the new MBPs and iPad.

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To be fair, I had to change once a keyboard after the “K” key started failing on me.

That said, I still love to type on my 2015 12’ MacBook even more than on my Magic Keyboard 2.


I think the magic keyboard feels really great.
I dislike the feel of the Keyboard of my mid 2014 MacBook Pro 13’ greatly. When I saw the presentation of the Key traveling straight down in the keynote, I was so looking forward to the butterfly keyboards.

Sadly it wasn’t to be. But still, the magic keyboards on new MacBooks are miles better than the pre-butterfly solution.


I am another butterfly keyboard lover. it is my favorite keyboard to type on. I t is too bad that they fail so often. Mine 2018 13-inch Macbook Pro is at the Apple repair center now for the second time to get the keyboard fixed. I started getting lots of double presses.

My kids and I did a keyboard comparison experiment with that laptop, the iPad keyboard folio, the Apple wireless keyboard, the Apple wired aluminum keyboard, and old Microsoft ergonomic keyboard (PS/2 connector), and a SIIG keyboard. They all feel very different.

My son was surprised that he enjoyed the typing experience most on the 2018 Macbook Pro.

Back from the dead? :zombie:

The substantially increased stability of that keyboard makes other keyboards feel comparatively mushy, that’s for sure. I still prefer a keyboard with deeper travel and a bit of feedback (and a better reputation of longevity).

At the desktop I prefer an extended keyboard, and I’m considering evaluating Logitech’s new Mac-specific MX Keys keyboard, which is apparently so popular it’s temporarily sold out in a lot of places, including Logitech’s own site. (Amazon cites availability in around 2.5 weeks.) Apparently the battery pack location results in a riser effect, giving the keyboard greater height and slope than Apple’s keyboard (the lowest keys are higher off the desk, and the higher keys are much higher off the desk); I like a greater slope, but I’m not sure how much I’ll like the added height.

The 2019 iteration of the butterfly keyboard was largely flawless. Never heard any durability complaints about it (except one unverified instance). I had a 2019 15" MacBook Pro and the keyboard never broke. It was reliable and provided a great middle-ground to the original butterfly keyboard and the scissor-switch keyboard. As a result, I absolutely loved typing on it. :grinning:

I will remember that clacking sound for years to come (ear candy)… :drooling_face:

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I have both he very first one on the original rMB and the latest on the 2019 Air and really like both. The ones in between felt and sounded worse than either of those to me. (I had generation 2 of the keyboard on a summer 2017 15" MBP too. It was the only of the three that showed any of the infamous problems.)

Uh, the rMB? :thinking:

Sorry, the original 12" Retina MacBook, the first computer that received the butterfly keyboard.

Yeah, that’s what I meant. Doesn’t “rMB” refer to the 12" MacBook?

Sorry, I thought that you were asking me what I meant by rMB :slight_smile:

The keyboard that gave me problems was the one on the 2017 MBP. The one on the rMB and the one on the 2019 Air have both held up well so far. The Air has replaced the rMB as my travel computer, so the latter doesn’t get much use at all anymore.

Oh, I thought you were saying that I was wrong. :see_no_evil:

Clack on! :grinning:

I have a 2016 MacBook Pro with the original keyboard. It doesn’t get much use anymore and is kind of dusty, but the dust never broke the keyboard, not to mention that I never had to get a replacement keyboard.

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