Roku & AirPlay 2

So…this is exciting. Roku is going to offer AirPlay 2 for its 4K devices, apparently - making it a much cheaper alternative to an AppleTV.

For those of you that have been watching Apple longer than I have, do you think it’s a safe assumption that this is a semi-permanent addition? I.e. Apple isn’t going to suddenly decide that it doesn’t want to play nice with Roku and such because they’re a competitor for the Apple boxes?

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I’m personally hoping that it’s a bid to get Apple devices and services into more people’s hands. Rather than having to buy in to every Apple device you can slowly trickle in.

Own an iPhone and want to stream to your TV? You can use the Roku to try it out. Want to watch an AppleTV+ show? You can watch on your iOS device OR Roku OR Amazon Fire TV.

I think it has the possibility of diluting their overall hardware vision but I think they realize it has to happen a little in order to grow larger. :man_shrugging:t2:


I don’t see Apple revoking this decision. Now that they have TV+ they want people to be able to view their content as many places as possible (Services Revenue!)

If anything, there’s a reasonable question to be asked as to whether or not it makes financial sense for Apple to keep developing the TV hardware now that they have a way to get their content on other people’s hardware. But I suspect they will, because I suspect that hardware has nice profit margins and they want to keep an high-end offering for people who will pay for it, and let people who want cheaper options go to things like Roku, etc.

Related but different: If you watch HBO Max and/or Peacock, neither of those are currently available on Roku devices. From what little I’ve read, there seems to be a debate about revenue sharing between Roku and the content providers. Been going on for some months know, and presumably will be resolved by Holiday 2020, but as for right now, if those are important to you, avoid Roku.

For me it’s more of a “we have a Roku, and I was considering buying an Apple TV for presentations and such”. But if I can swipe the stick from my TV and be good, that’s all I need. :slight_smile:

Thanks TJ!

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