Rotating images from finder

I am scanning a lot of old photos. Some are landscape and some are portrait in orientation, but I am scanning them all in landscape to make the scanning quicker. I would like a quick way to go through and rotate the portrait ones, preferable from finder and quicklook. I haven’t been able to find a way yet. Does anyone have a way, in Keyboard Maestro, Automator or other, that could do this?

Automator should be able to do this easily! My memory tells me it has a rotate image option.

Finder will do this. Just select the photo and hit ⌘-R, or ⌘-L.
(I’m on Catalina.)

John - awesome! On on Mojave and it works here as well. I had no idea!!

Rosemary - thanks, I was working on this when I saw John’s. I can get it to rotate, but only once! I create a service that will rotate left, another to rotate right. I can use it to rotate, but if I do it again nothing happens. And if I try and rotate the other way with the other service nothing happens.

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