RSS Aggregators

I’m looking for RSS aggregators which allow me to filter by specific words. For example if I subscribe TechCrunch and my filter is “Apple” I should only see Apple-related articles.

Currently I’m using the free version of Feedly and was looking to upgrade to their pro version. But not sure if it does the filtering.

I also know that Innoreader is quite powerful on this, but it’s very expensive.

Any other ideas?

Feedwrangler allows you to set up a smart stream and filter articles by keyword.


Thanks! Will have a look :grinning:

I haven’t played with it much, but if I set up a search on feedly (I have pro) for “apple” and limited to techcrunch. The (hopefully) attached picture is what I get. If that seems like the right type of articles it works. If not, I can try to play around with other settings and see if feedly can do it.


maybe check out newsblur as well its has alot of customization