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Any advice on the following…

Current setup - using Feedly for all my RSS feeds, about once a day I go through them all and whatever articles I like I sent to Pocket. This worked for a while, because I used this workflow with Evernote for archiving without all the ads and fluff not related to the article.

Fast-forward and I dropped Evernote a little over a year ago and switched to DTPO as my archive. I still used Feedly and Pocket, but noticing that I am beginning to get flustered from Pocket. Current annoyances…

  1. Unable to categorize articles or create folders (They only have a tagging option and it all goes into favorites/archive). While this may work for some, I don’t want to have to tag each article I want to keep, I just want to drop it into a folder for easy retrieval.

  2. Lack of Trash-bin. I lost a few articles because the Mac sometimes glitches and an article gets deleted when the list tries to refresh. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Yes, I could pay premium and I think have this feature, but if I can find it free elsewhere…that would be nice.

  3. Text Deletion - Not sure if something changed with Pocket or how it formats, lately I find some of my articles are missing text and I need to open in a browser to read the full article, which defeats the purpose.


  1. Is there 1 app that can do all of this for me? (preferably free)
  2. If I still stay with a 2 app solution, what’s a good read it later service that works on both mac/ios?

I read in the forums about using DTTG as read it later, but I’ve noticed a format issue that as well.

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I use reeder for rss feeds, pinboard for links, and ios reading list for casual reading

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Why not use Feedly wholly? Actually asking—I’ve never understood why people use separate apps for saving articles.

Read Later on Feedly works the same way Pocket/Instapaper etc work, but without separate apps.

Feedly Pro also offers a Dropbox backup option. Any article saved to any tag or Read Later is automatically saved to an organized Dropbox folder as PDF or HTML. If you highlight those articles before tagging/saving them, resulting PDFs show those highlights (though note that the document doesn’t see them as annotations, they’re just coloured on the digital page).

For a while I used that Dropbox integration so that I had “physical” files for all the readings that interested me.

I’ve since switched to DEVONthink but by gods is it ever a finicky setup. You need a Mac running DT3 all the time and some automations to make sure it keeps feeds up to date. Syncing an iOS device also takes a while—long enough that waiting to read your feeds actually requires you to open up the app and then leave it for a couple of minutes.

I depend on highlighting PDFs (and the resulting annotation data), so unfortunately it’s the only thing I can use. I am looking forward to an eventual DTTG release that brings it up to speed with DEVONthink 3, but I’m not sure that’ll be anytime soon.

As an aside: why are RSS apps generally allergic to highlights/annotations? Why is Feedly the only one to provide that/combine RSS with read-later?

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I use Reeder because it is simple while still quite powerful and the reading experience is great. I archive all interesting articles as PDFs with tags in DT.


I use Feedly and the Pinboard service.. I also use Pocket, though I use Pinboard more than Pocket.

On iOS I use Pinner, and Feedly’s app.

Pinboard is swift. It’s got a helpful API. It’s note field is useful. And has many other benefits.

Why sometimes Pocket? I like Pocket’s recommendations. And sometimes it can present a “reader” like page view when Safari’s Reader view fails. Also it provides some redundancy for me to have certain pages cached in two places.

There’s so much more to say than what I’ve written in this entry, however…

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For RSS, I use Inoreader. I use the web interface, rather than an app, on the desktop and frequently on the iPad and iPhone lately too.

For reading later I’m currently using Instapaper, which has the folder support you’re looking for. But this is one of those areas where I have never found a satisfactory solution. I bookmark about 10x more articles than I actually get around to reading later.

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I use Inoreader (web on desktops, app on iPhone) for RSS. For the read-later functionality, If I’m on my phone, I will “star” the article which will keep it in Inoreader. If I’m on the desktop, I will open the article to a new tab, add to Todoist, close the tab and move on. Todoist then handles the workflow afterwards.