RSS Experiment and Blogs

Planning on starting an experiment this week.

I read through a lot of news/blogs and I keep everything streamlined into Feedly. Any articles that interest me or I want to reference are sent to Pocket. At some point during the day (or week) during my reading times, I drill through the articles and I archive in Pocket or long term in DEVONThink.

I hate to another app to my phone (at 245 so far). But what if I used Feedly for all the tech news/blogs I follow…and then download Reeder 4 and use that for all the more personal blogs that I follow. My reading style is shifting from constantly wanting to hear about stuff (9to5mac, macstories, etc) to more user-focused stories.


  • I want to hear about that soccer parent and they how they juggle their calendars and what workflows help them.

  • A graduate student’s approach to their own workflows

  • your own profession and career and what apps you use. (I know Sweet Setup used to do this and I would look forward to the articles each week, but I haven’t seen anything recent lately)

Please chime in on your RSS thoughts. If you know of a blog to follow that has something that I mentioned, please message me or comment away. Thanks!

I use Reeder 4 for everything (with Inoreader as a backend).

I just separate feeds in folders by topic (apple, photography, legal etc) so if I want to read something in a specific topic I just need to select the appropriate folder (of the single feed inside it).

I’m using the built in read later service the way you’re using pocket, to keep everything within fewer apps/servicies possible.


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I really like Reeder. However, if you’ re using Feedly, reader is not your best friend now (I’ve been waiting them to fix it for many weeks now).

I’m giving NetNewsWire a go…

It seems Reeder got fixed today