RSS for sites without a feed

I’ve been diving into RSS since it was featured on MPU. There are several sites that I’d love to follow, but they don’t have their own feed. I’ve found some online services that claim to be able to create an RSS feed for any site. The snag is that their free version tends to be very limited, while the paid options I’ve seen have been very expensive. Can anyone recommend a reliable service that is free or not too expensive?

Inoreader does that. It is a combined feed reader and pinboard-like bookmark manager, very feature rich. Possibly too much for your needs, but it does generate feeds from static sites.

Thanks, I’ll look into Inoreader. I use several of the advanced features of Feedbin, but I don’t think they offer this. Honestly, my main hesitation is that I still have nine months to go on an annual Feedbin subscription!

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I’m in the opposite position. My Inoreader subscription expires in October and I have my eye on Feedbin. Inoreader offers a lot of organization features that I am not interested in; I just want to read feeds.