RSS Readers/Feeds That Support Newsletters

Was reading the latest Club MacStories Monthly Log and Viticci mentioned that he has been using Feedbin to read all his email newsletters in his RSS. He mentioned that other RSS readers/feeds have this functionality but didn’t mention any others except Inoreader.

Curious if any do because I would really prefer to read them this way? I currently use Feedly and anytime I try and click their help section it just brings up their premium options.

The free version of Newsblur lets you subscribe to email newsletters.

There is a cap of 64 and a bit of a processing delay with free. Premium is $36/year.

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I’ve been using Feedbin for Newsletters for a long time. It’s great to have a clean email inbox. Amd I think Federico is right about it being better outside of the pressures of an email app.

I started using Reeder again about a month ago. Great app, Great service.

Inoreader has long supported mailing to tags, which I’ve used for newsletters for a while. They now have a new subscribe-to-newsletter function, which I have not tried yet.

Maybe use an extra service to accomplish this?

(Have not tried this myself)

Interesting. Been contemplating jumping from Feedly for multiple reasons but this may be a hold over for now until I make a decision.

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I have paid inoreader i need to incorporate this asap

edit i logged on for the first time all week ah i see they have gone through a whole refresh !