RTF font formatting shortcuts needed

DevonThink user here and getting incredibly frustrated with having to launch that floating Font Window to change font colour. I understand this convention (limitation) is due to Mac OS’s RTF control. So Qs:

  • It is such bad UX that the fault must be on my side. What am I missing here? What do power users do?
  • I saw elsewhere a suggestion about using Paste Style as a way to support one color. Does anyone have more comprehensive keyboard shortcuts workaround?
  • If all else fails I might have to use an external editor that has these basic formatting features embedded in the toolbar. Any recommendations?

This is driving me crazy, any help appreciated!!

Why not use the editing bar?

Also, “favorite” styles can be given shortcuts in System Preferences. (This is successful 56% of the time.)


Thanks. I did used to know about that editing bar and now I know again. Appreciate the precision of success metric!