Run for Fun? Inspiration + Apple Watch S9 vs Ultra 2 Accuracy Counting Steps

This isn’t directly related to tech, except to the extent that we have discussed developing good habits here and in the Focused podcast.

I ran across this excerpt from a podcast I stumbled upon in Apple News and thought I’d pass it along. I found it inspirational.

If you would like to run but find it hard to be disciplined about it, you may find some inspiration here.

Speaking of running, I’ve always found this scene from Back to the Future hilarious! :joy:

Run for fun. :running_man:

I just ran across this comparison of the accuracy between the S9 and Ultra 2 in counting steps; now this thread is 100% MPU relevant. :blush:

Thanks! I’m completely charmed by his book cover. Might pick it up while out later today.

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