Running linux on a mac

With all the excitement of the past week, mostly about Apple abandoning it’s “pro privacy on your device” stance, I thought I’d try running a linux distro on my older macbook pro (2015)

So far it has been enormous fun, very quick OS, nice apps, and a lot of searching the internet for tweaks. I think I’ll keep Ubuntu around, if not to replace all my macs (also bought an Xperia 10 to install ubuntu touch)
Will let you know how I get on

But, for those of us already using linux longer: any alternatives to Hazel or omnifocus on Linux?


Have a look at the zfs file system. It’s really cool. Apple almost used it before making APFS, but I think Oracle were being wienies about licensing.

As far as Omnifocus, there’s org-mode for Emacs. Usually when you see a feature being added to a task manager on macOS, there’s a good chance it’s been in org for years.

As far as Hazel, you can do things by getting your hands dirty. Maybe someone has written a GUI.

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Would be nice if Ubuntu Touch would run on my old 3rd-gen iPad.

Todoist has a Linux client. I don’t know of a GUI like Hazel but everything it does can be quite easily reproduced using shell scripts.