Running Windows 11 on a Silicon Mac

It seems I’m always reading discussions in MPU where someone bemoans that they have to use Windows at work and wish there was a solution that would allow them to use their Mac.

From about 2010-2015 I had an estate planning legal practice where we used propriety Windows software to generate all of our custom documents, track trust funding, and do estate administration. During that time I used Parallels Desktop software to run windows on our office iMacs (and therefore didn’t have to reboot in and out of Boot Camp). It was the perfect solution for us.

I’m aware that many employees are required to use office PCs due to security protocols and networking. But in some settings, it might be an option to use a Mac with Parallels installed to run necessary PC software. Or, if working from home, you might be able to use Parallels on your home Mac.

Since I retired I now use Parallels Desktop with Windows 11 to run my favorite strategy games, which are not available on the Mac.

Last week I published a blog post about this topic. Perhaps it might be helpful to someone? How to Run Windows 11 on a Silicon Mac.

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I don’t know how long ago you tried Parallels with Windows ARM, but they have been putting out regular updates the last two years. I know my games run faster now than last summer …

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Which ones do you like to play?

Also, I use Parallels and Windows on my Mac to separate my work from personal time. I know when I’m in Windows it’s work time and when on the Mac it’s me time. This works great on my 48 hr shifts.

I also have a gov Microsoft account and being able to isolate Windows from the rest of my computer is nice.


I’ve been interested in ancient history and WWII history since I was a kid. So recent favorite games include Rome II Total War, Second Front, Steel Divisions: Normandy 44, and Unity of Command II.


Rome 2 is one of my favorites!! I’m a huge fan of the historical Total War games. I still play Medieval II.

I’ve tried Steel Divisions before but it didn’t work well enough on Parallels before but I’ve been looking at trying it again with parallels and my M2 Air. I played all of the Wargames games thought WWII was a great setting for that type of game.

Let’s talk by PM at this point :grinning:

A friend of mine (older) that I help with IT was really struggling with Outlook for macOS because of some missing features. I was really excited to see Parallels now work with Apple Silicon. The purchase, download, install, download of Windows 11, and setup could not have been easier. He was really exited.

(Except that Outlook for Windows 11 doesn’t support a unified inbox?!?!?!?!)

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I’m glad you could help him. I was also pleased that the process of downloading and installing Windows was very simple. Much easier than when I had to join the insider program to get access to a beta version of Windows 11 ARM.

Things have improved a lot!