RV access to movies

What are some means of accessing about 1 TB of movie files while living on the road? We are selling our house and will be living in an RV so do not have a place for a server. In the RV we’ll have an Internet connection and an Apple TV connected to our TV.

Thanks in advance for your shares.

An external USB hard drive maybe? Or a couple of external hard drives? I have a 3 TB on the back of my iMac that I use as a Time Machine backup.

Are you going to have a laptop or other computer?

External drive connected to your Mac and stream to the Apple TV. I found room in my RV audio cabinet for a Synology as well as my satellite receiver and networking gear. Pulled out the DVD player to make room.

It may be worth a little look at the Synology NAS’s with the ‘slim’ designation (i.e.: DS419slim). Rather than taking full size drives they use the 2.5" drives which makes them a smaller unit. Depending on the functionality you want & how much you’re willing to pay, it might be an option.

I spend about 40 nights a year in our 5th wheel, following this conversation closely!

After some experimenting here is where we are now: we plan to purchase an Apple TV for the camper and simply Airplay the movies to the Apple TV from either an iPad of the one MacBook we’ll have. We do have good Internet in the camper so this should be workable. If we didn’t have access to the Internet I’d be working on a direct connect system but this seems simplest for now.

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