Safari Extension - 1 Password and DevonThink

Has anyone had issues or delays with using 1Password 8 on Safari?

I have noticed a considerable delay when using the Extension. I was wondering if anyone has this issue. I reached out to 1Password Support and I keep sending them logs. One of there recent requests was they think that perhaps the DevonThink Extension could be causing an issue. I am supposed to continue doing more testing.

For the record, I experience delay on both Chrome and Safari
Extensions installed

  • Save to Pocket
  • Clip to DevonThink
  • 1Password 8
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I do not use the Pocket Extension but do have the other two running. No noticeable problems.

I am sure you have thought of this but remove them all and bring in one at a time. Or these extensions could be a red bering and 1Password folks are perhaps guessing.

What kind of delay?

(Filling in credentials, browsing, …?)

No issues with the other two running here either, on Safari or Arc (Chromium-based.) Their Safari extension has been less reliable than the Chrome one overall, for me, though.

The delay is i will type my master vault password in the extension and it’s a good almost 2 minutes (the worst) before the credentials for that site pop-up. It’s almost easier opening the Mac app, and just searching to find the credential versus waiting for Safari. For me all this started happening when I moved from v7 to v8 this year.

That, plus the fact that you are having the same problem with Chrome, makes me suspect that something else is going on. I assume you have taken the usual steps of clearing the cache on your browsers, rebooting your Mac, and checking Activity Monitor for processes using excessive ram or processor?

If the 1PW app is acting normally that’s another reason I would be looking elsewhere for the problem.

I agree with @rms, I would remove all extensions and reinstall them one at a time, rebooting and testing after each step.

Good luck.

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