Safari in Monterey Facebook Issue

Hey crew. I know this is going to sound odd but I don’t know how else to explain it. I recently loaded up the beta for Monterey. When I look at my Facebook profile in Safari and scroll toward the bottom, a footer of another website pops up and if I continue to scroll, it takes me to this other page. It’s not a page I have purposely visited recently. Is there some kind of new navigation feature in the new version of Safari that I am missing? Thanks for any help you can give. I’d like to get rid of this happening. Thanks again!

This happens in Safari 14 on Big Sur when you’re on a web page that’s in Reading List. Once you reach the bottom, you see a bar appear across the bottom of the page that is the next link in Reading List. Keep scrolling and that page will load.

Maybe that’s what you’re seeing?

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Maybe but I’m not in reader mode. I’m also having an issue with Safari not opening websites after waking from sleep.

This has nothing to do with Reader mode — I know, confusing names! Reading List is a sidebar feature:

As it says in the link above: “Read the next page in your list: Keep scrolling when you reach the end of a Reading List page—no need to click the next page summary in the sidebar.”

When Safari refuses to open a web site, is this behavior just Safari or does your entire Mac lose it’s connection to the internet?

Seems to be when I open back up after being offline for a bit.

Also: The reading list has now been cleared and it seems like that problem is fixed. I guess it’s not a problem but it doesn’t fit the way I use Safari. All good on that front now.


I think I am having similar safari web page opening issues to you. Have replied in a different thread

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