Safari on macOS just stops loading pages?

Anyone else ever run into this? I get it maybe 7-8 times per week. 2015 13" MacBook Pro. Catalina. Six months ago I switched back from Chrome to Safari as my main browser. At some point I’ll open a new tab, type something in, and nothing. No errors. Just nothing. Closing and restarting Safari always fixes it.

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I just got on the discourse site to make a post about something similar. I’m having all kinds of issues with Safari giving me the pinwheel of death when I try to open it and/or not loading pages. Took 15 seconds to load talk.macpowerusers just now when I got on. MacBook Pro 16" / Catalina


I get it too. So frustrating.

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I get the “nothing loading” situation frequently, along with the “Safari cannot establish a secure connection” issues. Usually for me these stop if I wait 10 seconds or so and try again. I’ve been told it’s a DNS traffic contention issue – true or not, it does seem to happen more during the mid-day to mid-evening hours than early morning and later in the evening, when I assume there are fewer people trying to browse.

OTOH, I’ve changed DNS providers several times, without fixing the Safari loading issue. Maybe Safari 13 has a bug in its handling of certificates.

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I’ve had that off and on too, for years. The only times I use that browser on Mac are for saving web archives of pages, and for visiting a couple of financial websites.

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Alright, glad it’s not just me. :slight_smile:

I’ve had this issue for at least a year… I actually posted about it in this forum last July! I’m usually good at troubleshooting, but cannot figure this out… Restarting mac fixes it, but after 4-5 days, Safari again very slow at loading pages. It is NOT extensions, as I tried disabling them all (although that’s another known bug- disabling extensions results in not being able to re-enable them until restart with Shift key).

SO frustrating. I really prefer Safari for various reasons, but I may just have to use Chrome as main browser (this never happens with Chrome). I have the highest spec 2019 iMac, with 64gb RAM, so no excuse I can figure out for this… if anyone has any other thoughts to try, would be most welcome!