Safari problems: Anybody else or just me?

I’m running Safari 13 on Mojave and having problems: The browser simply hangs on a blank page when trying to any page, as well as CBS News and Bloomberg.

I’ve gotten annoyed enough that I’ve gone back to Firefox (and quite liking it too).

Anybody else having problems?

Does it get better in Catalina?

Safari on Mojave loads fine for me.

I do periodically have some sites that take forever to load (one of the several reasons I don’t use Safari as my main browser), but aside from that, when I encounter a page that doesn’t load (or loads a blank page) it usually could be tracked down to be related to an ad-blocker (either on Safari, or a systemwide blocker I use).


First thing I do when I encounter site trouble: Disable the ad blocker.

Adtech has broken the web.

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What is your current primary browser? Brave?

Yup. It’s not perfect - iOS/Mac tab sync isn’t as good as Chrome (and the best is Safari, since you can close tabs on either platform and it’ll close the tab on all platforms) - but I use dozens of Chrome extensions in Brave and it seems a bit faster than any other browser on the Mac I’ve used.

I haven’t needed to switch to Chrome for anything in months now. I do still use Safari a few times a week, mainly to (1) save web archives of pages that are too complex to save as PDFs, and occasionally to log into (2) PayPal and (3) one of my banks (because my ad-blocking on Brave does weird things there and I couldn’t properly troubleshoot it).

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Since the update, I have been having regular issues with Safari dropping connection with my WordPress dashboard, (to the tune of 6 or more times a hour). Screen goes black and the message reads Safari can not connect. My other tabs to various websites still work when Safari drops the Wp Dashboard.

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