Safari speed reading extension

Hi everyone, after (finally) upgrading to Big Sur I’ve decided not to use Chrome/Brave and instead be fully invested in Safari. So far, it’s going good, and I’ve mostly been able to find alternatives extensions to those I used on Chrome.

However, I have not been able to find a speed-reading extension. I know that Instapaper has something built-in, though I don’t use it, and as far as I understand the free version is limited.

Does anyone here know of any good speed-reading extensions for Safari 14.2 (on Big Sur)?

Hi there!

Did you ever manage to find one?

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It’s been a while since I searched, but back then I came up empty-handed. I ended up switching to Brave (which is based on Chrome) primarily due to a shortage of plug-ins that I had made myself dependent on over the years…

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You are not alone. I normally only use Safari for Mac on sites that accept Apple Pay. I’m tired of running into sites that don’t work perfectly in Safari.

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