Same Desktop Backgrounds Across Devices

I have this ‘strange’ hobby of creating Desktop backgrounds across a variety of topics and subjects, however most of them are sports related. You can see much of my collection at my website: (click through the images on that landing page to see the full collections for each topic/sport/league, etc.)

English Premier League -
European Leagues -

Having unique and ever changing Desktop backgrounds is a big deal to me…it keeps the computer fresh and always different. I love the fact that Mac’s enable you to rotate desktop background at any variety of time segments, from every 5 seconds to every day. And on top of that, as many of you probably know, you can select the folder that you want to ‘source’ your background images from. You can go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver to see all the settings.

Since I use an iMac Desktop and a MacBook Air, I wanted to have the same set of Desktop backgrounds decorate each of these computers (and any other Mac computer that I may use).

So what I do is I put all of my Desktop Backgrounds into a Dropbox folder. I then install Dropbox on each of my Mac computers, and after it has synced to each (and all) of the devices, I then set up each computer to point to the same Dropbox folder that houses my Desktop Backgrounds.

By doing this, each of my computers source from the same set of Desktop Backgrounds that rotate (in my case) every 5 minutes. So even though I’m using different computers, they feel similar because the Desktop backgrounds are the same.

I wrote up the specific steps a few years ago on my site.

These are great. Are we able to use any of these? I would not do so without your permission.

Absolutely! That’s the reason i post them to my site. Steal them, use them, take them away and make your desktop more colorful! :slight_smile:

Click on the thumbnail to open up the ‘full size’ and just drag them/save them to your computer. Or drag them to your computer.

I try to update the soccer/football league kits for the EPL, European leagues to reflect the current year’s designs. Just about to start re-working them for the 2018-19 year once the World Cup is done! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m a big Cardinals and Auburn fan. :slight_smile: