SanDisk expand Flash Drive Luxe

I have two large external drives in two different locations that I use for backups. I’m also using Backblaze. But I would also like to have a portable password protected backup disk. Does anyone have experience with this particular flash drive? I’ll use it to back up specific files/folders from the MBP, iPhone and 2018 iPad Pro.

Alternative suggestions? I wouldn’t mind a slightly larger capacity but then it starts to get expensive.

Haven’t used this particular drive but have had good results with Sandisk thumb drives. I have a similar Kingston drive on my keychain that holds my “critical” files. I have a CCC task to copy the files whenever I plug it in.

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Just checking, but does the iPad and iPhone support password protected disks in Files? Or does Sandisk provide an app to access password protected?

I’ve not found a way to do this. I have two SanDisk drives. One is has USB C + A connections, the other has USB A + Lightning and came with a USB-A to USB-C connector.

The C+A drive is formatted with encrypted APFS which can be read by my iPad Pro and Mac, but not my iPhone. This is the drive I use for sensitive files.

AFAIK the iPhone cannot recognize an external drive unless it is formatted FAT32 or ExFAT, with a Master Boot Record. So my C+A+Lightning drive is formatted ExFAT and I use it for non-sensitive files, backing up my photos, etc.

SanDisk does include security software which I immediately erased. I have never used any software of this type that I have not personally tested.

Software like this may allow you to accomplish your task. Please let us know if you are successful. Good luck.