Sanebox Power Users

The thread / poll about Mac OS email clients got me thinking about trying Sanebox. I’m on a two week trial.

Just wondering if there are any Sanebox power users that could provide any workflow tips as I’m deciding on whether or not to subscribe.


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Make sure to try the reminder function (blind copy It then reminds you if you don’t get a reply. I use that SO much.


I’m a heavy user of deferring mail. I have folders set up for:

+3 hours
Tomorrow at 9am
Next week (which pops back in Monday at 9am)

It’s a great way to keep my inbox focussed.

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Setting up reminders are great once you get in the habit of it. I BCC,, etc for things I need to follow-up on but don’t want to clutter up my OmniFocus.

I have a couple of defer mailboxes setup:

  • Tomorrow
  • Weekend (Saturday morning)
  • Next Week (Monday morning)
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I agree… The reminders are really useful. I wish I could remember to use them. There are so many emails that I send and then immediately say… Oh I should have added a reminder! :grinning:

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Thanks, all!

Do you have a routine for checking @SaneLater and @SaneNews folders?